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Neck pain is a common complaint, but in some cases, it may be a sign of a medical condition like arthritis. Neurologist and pain management specialist Amer Kazi, MD, offers cutting-edge treatments for neck pain at Indiana Pain & Spine Clinic in Granger, Indiana. If you’re among the many people who suffer from neck pain, call or book an appointment online today.

Neck Pain Q & A

What is neck pain?

Your neck supports the weight of your head and allows for a wide range of movements. This flexibility leaves it prone to numerous injuries that cause pain.

Neck pain may worsen when you hold your head in the same position for long periods of time, such as working at a computer. Pain in your neck may also cause the following symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Muscle tightness and spasms
  • Decreased range of motion

Most cases of neck pain resolve with home care, but you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Kazi for pain that persists for several days without relief.


What causes neck pain?

Many things can cause neck pain, from poor posture to whiplash from a car accident. If you experience neck pain after a fall, car crash, or another type of accident, it’s important to seek medical care immediately.

Other possible causes of neck pain include:

  • Muscle strains
  • Pinched nerve
  • Herniated disc
  • Bone spur
  • Whiplash
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer

No matter the cause, Dr. Kazi works with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that effectively relieves your pain.


How do you diagnose and treat neck pain?

First, Dr. Kazi thoroughly examines your neck and reviews your symptoms and medical history to determine the underlying cause of your particular neck pain. He may also take tests, such as an X-ray or MRI, to examine the interior structures of your neck.

Then, he recommends the best treatment for your particular condition. Depending on the cause and severity of your neck pain, treatment may include:


Dr. Kazi offers epidural or facet injections to relieve neck pain. Both procedures involve injecting pain-blocking medication into your spine.

Nerve ablation

During radiofrequency nerve ablation, Dr. Kazi uses a fluoroscopy X-ray to guide a special needle to a nerve that’s responsible for sending pain signals to your neck. This needle delivers an electrical current that blocks the nerve’s ability to send pain signals.

Spinal cord stimulator

This is an implanted device, similar to a pacemaker. Instead of regulating your heartbeat, a spinal cord stimulator reduces pain signals coming from your spine.

For cutting-edge pain management that doesn’t rely on habit-forming medications, call Indiana Pain & Spine Clinic or book an appointment online today.